Titanium Jewelry Raw Materials Information

Before we introduction of titanium jewelry, we need to introduce titanium. Only first understand its main component, in order to better know what kind of advantage.
Titanium is a very special metal texture is very light, but very tough and resistant to corrosion, it is not like the silver will turn black, at room temperature for life to maintain itself hue. The melting point of titanium and platinum microstructure similar, so commonly used in aerospace, military precision parts. Coupled with its current and chemical treatment, will produce different colors. Because of these characteristics of titanium, its unique high polished silver tone either, silk, Matt have good performance, is the most appropriate jewelry metal other than the noble metals platinum, gold. Often used in many countries in modern jewelry design, it is the internationally popular jewelry timber.

fashion-ripple-cross-titanium-pendant-golden-19085 fashion-ripple-black-cross-titanium-pendant-17491

However, due to the high technical requirements for processing of titanium, with ordinary equipment it is difficult to cast molding, using ordinary tools and very difficult to weld it up, it is difficult to form a production scale. Thus, in the jewelry market is difficult to see traces of it.
Therefore, currently there are many called titanium steel jewelry, the material used is not titanium, stainless steel, titanium steel is called attractive. Some even called titanium jewelry, in fact, contain titanium stainless steel jewelry.
The most common material is referred to titanium steel is 316L stainless steel jewelry, also known as titanium 316L international standards. In fact, 316L is a stainless steel number, is based on the 316 stainless steel continue to reduce the carbon content obtained than is generally more expensive stainless steel, corrosion resistance is strong, suitable for contact with the skin of jewelry, the main component is Fe, Cr, Ni, Mo, which no titanium component.


But its long almost no distortion, no discoloration. In common in stainless steel, is called “titanium steel” 316L steel is the most suitable for jewelry.
For information on titanium described above, let us know better, titanium jewelry features.